Anna University
Counselling Code

Training Programs

Executive Training
Communication Basics of English, written and spoken forms, how to ask questions, how to answer politely 80
Verbal aptitude How to read a passage, how to divide the sentence meaningfully, how to analyse the sentence to get the answers for the questions, synonyms and antonyms 60
Mathematical aptitude How to analyse the problem and get the answer quickly using short cut methods 100
Soft skills How to behave in a group, how to behave with the higher ups in a company, how to present oneself to the interviewer 100
Interview techniques How to look confident, how to answer confidently, how to face difficult situations, pleasant body language 40
Group discussion How to listen to a discussion, how to answer politely, how to give negative reply pleasantly , how to begin a topic, how to accept an idea 40
Training details year by year
I BE Ice breaker workshop, English Communication and Soft Skill Inhouse training
II BE English Communication, Aptitude and Soft Skill Inhouse training and outsource training
III BE English communication, Aptitude, Soft Skill, Verbal Aptitude and Technical Inhouse training and outsource training
IV BE Verbal attitude, Soft Skill, Interview Techniques, Group Discussion and Company Specific Training, Employability Skill, Technical Inhouse training and outsource training

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